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ABEX 2002 - Radio and Television Technology

ABEX 2002 - Rozhlasové a televizní technologie
HILTON Hotel Prague, 21-22 October 2002

This year ABEX 2002 - Radio and Television Technology conference will be held in the Hilton Hotel Prague. It is organised as a side event to NAB European Radio Conference 2002 attended by hundreds of world's leading broadcasters. Only from the Czech Republic, there are already more than 100 registered radio leaders.

Since its establishment, ABEX Czech has been associated in NAB (the National Association of Broadcasters). Whilst NAB Radio Conference will be located in the neighbouring Hilton Congress Center and will primarily concentrate on the management and business aspects of radio station operations, ABEX 2002 is a technological, professional event on radio and television. Half of the whole ABEX area (Palmovka a Rokoska rooms) will be dedicated to an exhibition of products and services; Tyrolka meeting room has been selected for a two-day seminar. First seminar day is focused on modern radio technologies; television presentations will follow on the day two. Top experts from the industry will present news from theory and practice. A special attention will be given to digital radio and TV broadcasting.   

New radio & TV technologies and professional audio & video will be in the focus of the two-day exhibition. Both days the organizers expect a massive local professional audience and an exceptionally rich presence of the broadcast industry internationals. Manufacturers and suppliers will have an unprecedented opportunity to show their solutions. The exhibition entrance will be free for all interested.

ABEX 2002 Conference comes just in time of a general market revitalisation. The professional community has a great occasion to network, to discuss the hot subjects and to make new valuable contacts.

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ABEX Czech s.r.o.
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Fax: +420 2 20982537
E-mail: info@abex.cz

ABEX Czech s.r.o.
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